John Lennon Murdered

John Lennon Murdered news John Lennon's Murder In Paper

At 22:50 the Lennon's limousine pulles up outside the Dakota and Jose Perdomo the doorman leaves his post to open the car doors for them. Yoko gets out first. She is followed closely by her husband, who is carrying a tape recorder and some cassettes. As Yoko passes him the killer says "Hello". Lennon gives the guy a long, hard look. As John passes him, the man steps back and pulles a snubnosed .38 revolver from his pocket. He drops into combat stance, with knees flexed, arms outstreched and one arm supporting the other at the wrist.
News Of Murder Of Lennon

Mr. Lennon?

As John turnes, the guy fires two shots into him. They catch him in the back, spinning him round. Blood already starts spurting from Lennon's wounds as the assassin takes aim again. He fires three more shots. Two bullet smashes into John's shoulder, the other goes astray. There's a crash of shattering glass as the slugs, that had passed through John's body smash into the Dakota's glass frontage. Mortally wounded John staggers up the steps into the Dakota's front lobby, his face horribly conturted.

I'm shot, I'm shot

He moans as he fells to the floor. John's been shot! screams Yoko, who follows her husband into the hotel.Jay Hastings the security man reaches under his desk and presses the alarm button, which summones the police from the nearby 20th Precinct Station. After this, he rushes to John's side and removes his shattered glasses. Then he takes off his uniform to cover the victim.He wants to use his tie as a tourniquet, but can not decide where to apply it. John is dying, blood pours from his chest and mouth, his eyes are open but unfocused, he is gurgling and vomiting blood.
John Lennon shot dead in Dec 8 1980

John Lennon Shot Dead In Dec 8 1980


john said...

December 8, 1980-More than 28 years to the day, it's still intensely disturbing how a lone nut armed with a 0.38 revolver could extinguish a man whose calling card would've read "John Lennon-musical demigod, unabashed social activist".

Anonymous said...

its john lennon he was and still is in death one of the greatest singers who ever lived

Anonymous said...

mark david chapman killed lennon supposedly he was obsessed with his music and thought he was a nobody which he was a fat fuckin retarded loser who thought let me kill someone great to become known he did become known as what i said he is and more