FRV-1 Fender Reverb pedal

BOSS and Fender USA have collaborated to make the FRV-1, a stunning recreation of the 1963 Fender Reverb. A staple sound of rockabilly, country, blues, surf rock and even grunge rock, this tube-driven reverb sound is now available in an affordable, rugged compact pedal.

FRV-1 Fender Reverb pedal Boss's FRV-1 Fender Reverb pedal

The FRV-1 recreates the classic spring-reverb sound of the 1963 Fender Reverb via patented COSM® technology. The controls are simple, as a pedal emulating the straightforward Fender Reverb Unit should be: Dwell controls the length of the reverb tail, Tone, the overall coloration, and the Mixer control acts as your wet / dry mix., adding buttery warmth or sparkling twang.

You might wonder why one would need an additional reverb effect, being that boss already makes the respectable RV-5, and most amps already sport their own, built-in reverb. The obvious adherents to the classic Fender Reverb, country pickers and surf-guitar aficionados, will tell you there's no replacing a spring reverb's grinding, magical, atmospheric mojo. That character seems to be pretty-well captured by the FRV-1, and probably makes even more sense as an effects pedal than the other, "amp simulating" stompboxes in the Legend Series.

The FRV-1 is expected to be available in late July.

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