Ibanez JS1000 Guitar Joe Satriani series

A guitar God like Joe Satriani, one of the worlds most influential and best players does not choose his signature instrument of choice lightly, and it has shown. Throughout most of his career, Satriani has chosen Ibanez.

Quickly, Ibanez created a custom signature model for Satriani, seeing his great playing and making an instrument which best fitted his needs. Out of this was born the JS series of guitars, but most importantly (and expensively) the JS1000 was born. It reflects Joe's playing style in every degree.

Ibanez JS1000 Guitar Joe Satriani series

Ibanez JS1000 Guitar Joe Satriani series

JS1000 has a unique rounded shape, beautifully balanced, and the silver tone and volume knobs are completely in sync with the smooth and perfect finishes. There are a range of trans black, trans red, and chrome. Instead of the faux transparent which is visible on many cheaper guitars, this guitar is actually completely transparent on some models. Also available are some limited editions, but for a much greater price. The black hardware (or chrome depending on body finish) match perfectly, and are placed to make the most eyecatching effect. The typical Ibanez headstock is as smart as ever.

The dual dimarzio humbuckers are brilliant quality, and are very responsive to the sound. This guitar is completely responsive to an individual players tone and feel, and does not sound the same from player to player at all. This is great as your own unique style comes through. The push pull switch allows the pickup combination to switch, so the bridge humbucker becomes a single coil. This allows a near infinite range of tone. A licensed floyd rose bridge is a wonderful tool for sonic madness, to gentle tremolo.

Possibly one of the most important but overlooked aspects of the guitar. The medium frets allow for great smooth bends and simple chording as well. Everything is within easy reach of your hands, and it just feels right. Nothing is too large, or overly small. Your pinkie of your right hand can nicely reach the volume for swells, or the trem arm for divebombs.

Price: Ranging $1,379 to $1,749

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