Choosing Top Best Guitar Amps Manufacturer

When Buying amps, be sure to try many Guitar amps out before you buy one. Play the same guitar through each amp when experimenting in the store. Make sure you spend a good deal of time with each amp; playing them at loud and quiet volumes, with and without overdrive, experimenting with the versatility of sound each amp provides. Do not be afraid to bring your guitar into the store and try it out with the amps you are considering.

Best Guitar AmpsChoosing Best Guitar amps

For the best guitar amps, the Gerlitz G1 Revelator is far and away the best, or heard. It easily has the best cleans of any amp I know of. The crunch on both the Fender side and the Marshall side are also incredible. The ability to blend the two sides on the fly is unbelievable. They come up on eBay about once a year and are worth so much more than their selling prices!! There are less than 60 in existence.

Different guitar amplifiers do different things. For example, Marshalls are known for their powerful, stadium-rock, overdriven sounds, but to get cleaner sounds, such as jangle pop or trebly Stevie Ray Vaughan blues tones, you will need a Fender, Vox, or Roland Jazz Chorus.

Peavey, Randall and Mesa Boogie are well associated with heavy metal. Crate is known for making inexpensive, durable amps. My own personal vote goes to Vox, which is responsible for the sounds of The Beatles, Queen, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, U2, Radiohead, Tom Petty, The Yardbirds, and Rory Gallagher.

Bass, Guitar and Amp
Below are the list of Top Guitar amp manufacturers of world (alphabetically)

* Alesis Guitar Amps
* Ampeg Guitar Amps
* Ashdown Guitar Amps
* B-52 Guitar Amps
* Basson Guitar Amps
* Behringer Guitar Amps
* Brand X Guitar Amps
* Budda Guitar Amps
* Crate Guitar Amps
* Epiphone Guitar Amps
* Fender Guitar Amps
* Fishman Guitar Amps
* Genz Benz Guitar Amps
* Gibson Guitar Amps
* Gretsch Guitar Amps
* Hiwatt Guitar Amps
* Hughes & Kettner Amps
* Ibanez Guitar Amps
* Koch Guitar Amps
* Krank Guitar Amps
* Kustom Guitar Amps
* Line 6 Guitar Amps
* Marshall Guitar Amps
* Peavey Guitar Amps
* Pignose Guitar Amps
* Randall Guitar Amps
* Rivera Guitar Amps
* Rocktron Guitar Amps
* Rogue Guitar Amps
* Roland Guitar Amps
* Soldano Guitar Amps
* SWR Guitar Amps
* Tech 21 Guitar Amps
* THD Guitar Amps
* UltraSound Guitar Amps
* V-Series Guitar Amps
* VHT Guitar Amps
* Vox Guitar Amps
* Yorkville Guitar Amps

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