Gene Simmons Slams Radiohead

Kiss star Gene Simmons has slammed bands including Radiohead, who he believes put on boring live shows.

Simmons said that bands have a responsibility to provide a spectacle for their fans and shouldn't just stand static with a guitar.

"I admire bands like Radiohead, but the idea of being that serious? Fuck that, get up on stage and blow shit up," Simmons said.
Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons

Simmons went on to compare live performances to films, saying that they require audio and visual elements.

"If you're not fulfilling the visual part it's like watching a movie with your eyes closed," he told .

"One of the biggest compliments we get is (when people say), 'I f**king hate their music but that's the best show I ever saw in my life.'"

Radiohead were criticised by music fans earlier this week who called the opening nights of their European tour "terrible".

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Boonatar Productions said...

I can see it from both sides. I'm a fan of both KISS and Radiohead. A lot of bands these days DO NOT put on over the top live shows...BUT then again, they don't wear make-up and leather outfits. Basically it's whoever you "are". Would you ever go see Brian Wilson and expect explosions or Ryan Adams with fire shooting out of the stage?!? Radiohead image and sound doesn't really "call" for the big, theatrical show - KISS does.