THE SEX PISTOLS May Release A New Album

THE SEX PISTOLS may release a new album – 31 years after their one and only studio LP Never Mind the B******s.

Johnny rotten

Johnny Rotten

Frontman JOHNNY ROTTEN, real name John Lydon, revealed the possibility after the hellraisers’ rip-roaring gig at the Isle Of Wight Festival on Saturday.

Johnny said: "There could be a new record. That would be nice.

"But I won’t do anything in a patronising way. The music, the subject and the attitude all have to be right at the same time. Everything has to be from the heart."

And talking of new albums, when the subject of COLDPLAY came up, the Rotten one showed he has not lost his trademark snarl.

CHRIS MARTIN and Co stormed to No1 yesterday with fourth album Viva La Vida.

But Johnny jibed: "I pity the poor b*****s who have to watch them. They are utterly humourless.

"I met them a few years ago, said hello and realised they were just men in anoraks. They looked like a gang of little poncy masturbators.

"There is no fun, they don’t offer joy. Their music has a couple of quite nice tones here and there but it’s a box of tosh sold to slightly inadequate, half-baked people."

Johnny then dusted down a feud with rival Seventies’ rockers THE STRANGLERS, who were also playing the Isle Of Wight.

They mocked the Sex Pistols for belting out songs from just one album over the years.
But Johnny bit back: "They must have run out of money for their hairpieces if they are slagging me off.

"We only needed to make the one record. They’re touring 30 records they could have put into one.

"Beware people with less talent. The Stranglers are jealous because they are idiotic. There’s nothing there, they don’t stand for anything."
Johnny rotten

Johnny Rotten

As for a new Sex Pistols record, it would be fascinating to see who the lyrics savage this time round — I suppose The Queen is still about.

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