Manowar New Album 2009

MANOWAR is currently recording a song from its new album in 15 (and counting) different languages. They are recorded with an in-depth look at Eric Adams' odyssey into the world of multi-lingual vocals! This song, in its entirety, will debut, along with new tracks from the forthcoming album, at MANOWAR's very own Magic Circle Festival III on Saturday, July 18, 2009 at the Loreley on the Rhine River in Germany.

Donnie Hamzik, the original drummer for MANOWAR, will be on tour with the band in 2009.

MANOWAR and special guests HOLYHELL will headline some of Europe's major metal festivals, including Magic Circle.

MANOWAR Magic Circle Festival
Released on November 27, 2008, the "Magic Circle Festival Volume II" DVD features two discs packed with never-before-seen footage of songs from the first six MANOWAR albums — including some songs that have never been performed or presented on CD or DVD before. This is the first opportunity to get songs like "Blow Your Speakers", "Death Tone", "Pleasure Slave", "Violence and Bloodshed" and "Kingdom Come" on DVD. This DVD also includes the first-ever live performance of MANOWAR's epic "The Crown and the Ring". The DVD set also includes exclusive footage of MANOWAR's unprecedented record-breaking five-hour-and-10-minute show in Kavarna, Bulgaria, a documentary of the Bulgaria performance and MANOWAR performing the Bulgarian national anthem — "Mila Rodino" — with full orchestra and choir.


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